Marine Products Pro Shop Professionals Help You Give Your Teak Deck the Needed TLC

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Your Marine Products Pro Shop Analysts Give Your Boat Much Desired Protective Care 

Raritan Engineering Company would love to share with you this week some amazing information that we have regarding how to help give your teak deck the needed TLC it deserves.

It was about a day after clawing my way through the sea of tourists descending from Norway’s most photographed spot, the precipitous ledge known as Priekestolen, it was a relief to find myself far from land aboard a well-found Scandinavian yacht with a sensible Norwegian skipper at the helm.

The boat that I saw was a lovely Hallberg-Rassy 352 based out of Stavanger, Norway, the gateway to the country’s golden-egg-laying goose, the North Sea oil fields. The marina we sailed out of was once the construction site for the impressive Condeep gravity based structures for oil platforms, but the only evidence of this mammoth operation was a tower-top restaurant overlooking the modern marina and housing development.

The skipper looked just as I expected a Norwegian skipper to look, complete with ruddy cheeks and a white beard. His name, of course, was Olaf. A police officer just months away from retirement, Olaf told me he had left the boat for a complete refit in Sweden for a year while he was in Liberia on a UN Peace Mission. 

In a recent blog post just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the common costly mistakes that new owners often make when refitting their sailboats. Olaf, who had competed in several ocean races to Scotland and had owned the boat for 10 years, knew better.

Sails, rigging, chain plates all had to be replaced as needed, but the most expensive project was a complete replacement of the teak decks. 

The results that I saw on that day were nothing short of stunning. From the immaculate scarfs on the cap rail to the elegant HR logo on the anchor locker, the new deck looked as nice as I’ve seen on any fresh-from-the-factory boat. 

Your Marine Products Pro Shop Experts Say That Teak Decks Don’t Have to Be Deal Breakers

Your marine products pro shop specialists understand that old teak decks can be a deal breaker for the used boat buyer. Unless the previous owner(s) have taken a white-glove approach to deck maintenance, about 30 years of use is all you can hope for in a modern, 12-millimeter-thick teak deck. 

While chandleries are stocked with a range of teak deck cleaners and sealers, the prevailing practice in Norway, explained Olaf, is to do nothing with the deck. A daily rinse with fresh water-no heavy scrubbing-no coatings, no dressing is the only treatment required. 

Subscribers who want to check out some of our other teak-deck related tests will be interested in our teak cleaner test and our teak caulk test. 

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Marine Products Experts Share Amazing Stress Management Secrets for Sailing

Your Marine Products Specialists Understand That Stress Is Unavoidable

Raritan Engineering Company your marine products analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding amazing stress management secrets for sailing.

Your marine products experts know that stress is something that affects people in all jobs, and across all walks of life. Having sailed around the globe both solo and as part of a team, Volvo Ocean Racer Dee Caffari has experienced the full range of emotional extremes. 

Your marine supplies Fort Lauderdale specialists know that stress is a big part of every ocean sailor’s daily life – whether you’re sailing for a record, or racing to the finish line. The fact that you’re racing flat out, 24 hours a day while the boats are at sea, demands 100% commitment. 

In the conditions faced by these sailors, the immediate response may be the fight or flight reaction – a rush of adrenaline – but ask anyone who’s taken part in this adventure, and they’ll tell you that part of the thrill of doing the Volvo Ocean Race is the feeling that you’re truly living life on the edge.

So your marine supplies direct professionals want to know, how do you manage the inevitable stress?

I think that the inclusion of other halves and wider family is really important, as they need to sign up to this commitment alongside you – it makes the stress much easier to manage!

Of course, stress can also be exacerbated by poor performance. Expectations run high and everyone wants to be able to celebrate success. 

This adds stress to the sailors and the shore team around them. Careful management can allow a team to dissect performance, understand failures and learn from mistakes in order to constantly improve. 

Demands aren’t just made on performance, but also by those not directly involved on the water. Those funding the teams must meet demands too. 

Your Marine Products Professionals Have Confidence You Can Maintain Your Focus

This, ultimately, as your best marine products distributors know, filters through to the sailors – and it can be difficult to not let this to distract your focus, which ultimately should be the race itself.

Along with personal factors beyond your control are also the factors affecting equipment onboard. Your marine supplies Florida analysts feel that breakages and system failures are frustrating when they happen, but also impact on the stress levels of the shore teams, who manage the preparation of the boat. 

Those who manage that stress in the right way, without hindering performance, will be a big step closer to winning the Volvo Ocean Race and getting their hands on the prestigious trophy.

So please do not forget these amazingly helpful suggestions and reminders in order to manage even eliminate your stress while sailing. 1) Stress is a big part of life and is unavoidable;  2) don’t have extremely high expectations;  and do regular boat maintenance.

Raritan Engineering Company has more information on marine products and is proud to be your marine products distributor and marine products pro shop. 

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Marine Products Experts Suggest the Change to Fresh Head Marine Toilets

Your Marine Products Experts Help You Overcome Those Pesky Marine Toilet Problems

Are You Tired Of Using Your Shower Head to Flush the Toilet?

We have the first manual fresh head marine toilet to utilize pressurized fresh water – eliminates calcium deposits in discharge hose.

What Are Some Other Benefits: 1) Footprint is a direct replacement for competitive models;  2) No Thru Hulls necessary when installed with a holding tank;  and 3) And it is a low water use toilet.

With a diaphragm type pump and telescopic handle, flushing is extremely easy. Owners choose how much water to use. And a lever allows water into the bowl to pre-wet it for a better flush.

At Raritan, we offer dependability where it counts. So be sure to get your Fresh Head marine toilet from Raritan Engineering.

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