Boat Head Professionals Share Money Making Ideas While Sailing

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Your Boat Head Specialists Discuss Some of the Best Ways to Make Profit While On Your Boat

Yes your boat head manufacturers talk about how it’s definitely possible to make money while living and traveling around the world on a boat. But the question is, just how much can you make and how can you make it?
Creative Ways to Make Money while Cruising and living aboard a Sailboat. I talk about all of the in and outs of Youtube, Patreon and Vimeo. Even more fun we talk about all of the people we have met along our cruising adventures and how THEY make money while living aboard.
At the time of writing this, I’ve beenliving on our sailboat in the Mediterranean full time for the last year. I’ve met a variety of people doing an assortment of things to make money (and find ways to minimize the amount of money that’s spent).
And then there’s us folk in the middle
We’re not necessarily on a low budget; rather we have a bit of savings to help us out for a while. And perhaps we have an income through pensions, rental income or investments. But the cash flow isn’t always guaranteed OR it’s not necessarily enough to keep us feeling secure for the long term.
For me, personally, I have a bit of money in the bank and some pensions that won’t come into effect for another 15 to 20 years. I think we can last for five to ten years but towards the end we’ll really have to watch the pennies.
We have to find a wayto afford the upkeep on our expensive teak deck!
How to make money while sailing around the world
1. Work for six months and then sail for six months
Now that I know about this option I wish I knew about it before we left for our world adventure! I had no idea that people worked during the winter months and then took six months off to sail around the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Looking back, I think that would have been a better way to ease into the live-aboard lifestyle.

Your Boat Head Distributors Give Helpful Suggestions On How You Can Afford to Sail More Often

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2. Find a work-from-‘home’ job
The work-from-home trend is still on the increase. I imagine it will exponentially increase. More and more companies see the value in having employee’s work from home. There are a couple of people in the marina, that I’m in now, that appear to work from home but they’re really working from their boat.
3. Consultancy on land
If you have the skills to do consultancy perhaps a past record of success in a particular field you can potentially pimp yourself out (infrequently) to do some consultancy projects.
4. Consultancy on the sea
Again, if you have a set of skills that do allow for consultancy, the possibility exists to set up an online consultancy service. There’s a photographer in Greece I stumbled upon that teaches other photographers how to make money online.
5. On-line project based work
If you can write, edit, design, program, transcribe, research, and any other work that can be done online, you can find thousands of opportunities on the Net. Check out websites like (now called just to get an idea on online projects. For this particular website ‘clients’ post a job that they want completed and you can bid on the job. If you win, you fulfill the requirements and then get paid.
Finally, as mentioned at the top of this article, I have an updated version of this article. The update accounts for three years of making money while I sail rather than just my first year. I know far more now than I knew when I wrote this.

How to Ditch Your Corporate Job and Make Money While Sailing the World

One of the top questions people get when they quit their jobs to travel the world by sailboat is this:how on earth do you afford it?
Melody DiCroce, sailing live-aboard since 2012
I’ve been following Melody’s journey for awhile now, as her blog,Saving to Sail,goes into ways to make money while cruising. She’s been living aboard since 2012, when she and her husband sold their house and their stuff and moved onto the boat to pursue his life-long dream of cruising. At first, Melody was apprehensive about living on a boat, but now, she can’t get enough of it.
How she makes money
Melody lived aboard while working at a full-time job for the first several years, working for Ramit Sethi, an entrepreneur and NY Times bestselling author.
I learned a lot from him about money management from his book,I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I made a nice salary and put back as much as I could from my paychecks.
When they finally cast off this January to sail full-time, she put a lot of irons in the fire. Her biggest source of income is from freelance work, doing writing, web design and copy editing. But she also makes money elsewhere.
Her advice to other sailors
She said if you want to quit your job, you should make sure to have two to three different ways of making money in case one disappears.
And if you’re opening an online business:
Always tell the truth. No matter what. Run your business with integrity, because that’s when you get the customers who will bend over backwards to buy from you. Trust is a huge thing, especially online these days, so I’m extremely grateful that my audience trusts me. I’d rather have their trust than their dollar. If they trust you, the dollars will come organically.
Elin Rose, sailing in the Azores Islands
Elin Rose is a 27-year-old Icelandic woman who caught the sailing bug in 2010, when she moved to Lisbon, Portugal to work at her first interior design job. She learned to sail on a river that runs through Lisbon, and fell in love with the sea.
Love sailing? Love living small?
She struggled at first, starting several businesses, none of which worked out. But, she managed to get onboard a sailboat and sailed for three months in the Azores and Madiera islands.
Irealized I had to find a way to work online and continue sailing. I made many friends and met a lot of sailors, yachtswomen and men that inspired meto join their tribe!
How she makes money now
Elin has now found several ways to make money while also pursuing her dream of sailing.
I started out on Amazon by finding products to sell and label them under my brand. There were a few ups and downs, but eventually I cracked the code and the business grew month by month, she said. It quickly expanded into Ebay, and other sales channels and before I knew it I was a full-time internet marketer with a huge email list of customers all over Europe!
Her advice to other sailors
Elin said she had zero online business experience when she started out pursuing her dream, and she learned by reading books and listening to interviews.
So don’t forget these great tips on how to make money while sailing. 1) You can work for 6 months and sail for 6 months; 2) you can find work from home; and 3) have online project based work.
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Macerating Toilet Professionals Discuss Why We’re Having So Many Hurricanes

Your Macerating Toilet Specialists Talk About What Is Causing This Big Issue

Raritan Engineering yourmacerating toiletdistributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this week regarding why we’re having so many hurricanes this year.
Your macerating toilet suppliers share how just as Hurricane Harvey wrapped up its devastation of Houston, Irma got into line behind it and quickly built into the strongest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. Now, Maria leaves a broken Caribbean in its wake: Dominica’s rooftops and rainforestshave been ripped to shreds, and Puerto Rico may bewithout power for monthsas a result of the storm.
If you have a question about this hurricane season compared with recent years, we’ve got you covered:
In short: atmospheric conditions were hurricane-friendly, and surface sea temperatures were warmer than usual. The Climate Prediction Center says that multiple conditions, such as a strong west African monsoon, have aligned to make the Caribbean Sea and part of the tropical Atlantic-a storm-spawning area called the Main Development Region-particularly well-suited to hurricanes.
[Thermal potential] is a thermodynamic speed limit on hurricanes, Emanuel says. The greater the speed limit, the more favorable conditions are for hurricanes to form, and the more powerful they can get.
Largely, it’s an artifact of how we measure hurricanes. As Hart and colleaguesdemonstrated in a 2016 study, if you slightly tweak the definitions of hurricane categories, the drought mostly vanishes.
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Tell the folks who survived [2007’s Category 2] Hurricane Ike that that wasn’t a major hurricane-it destroyed a large part of the Texas coastline, says Emanuel. Tell folks that Sandy wasn’t a major event and it wasn’t even a hurricane.
The longer it goes, the more severe it seems to get.
For starters, Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane-the second Category 4 storm to make landfall on the continental U.S. this year. Such a vicious one-two punch hasn’t hit the U.S. in over a century, though 1954 came close, says Florida State University meteorologistRobert Hart. That year, the Category 4 Hurricane Hazel devastated the Carolinas, and two Category 3 hurricanes just missed landfall.
Now, in less than a day, Maria has intensified from Category 1 to Category 5, battering Dominica at full strength, with Puerto Rico still in its sights.According to meteorologist Eric Holthaus, no Category 5 hurricane has struck Dominica since at least 1851. Prior to Maria, no Category 4 storm had made landfall in Puerto Ricosince 1932.
Not quite. Forecasters caution that within a single year, there’s no solid relationship between the number of storms in a hurricane season and the number of landfalls.
Andrew, which occurred in 1992, was at the time the most expensive hurricane ever to hit the U.S., [and] that occurred in one of the quietest years we’ve seen the Atlantic, as a whole, he says.
People who are potentially in the path of a hurricane really need to pay attention and absolutely need to follow direction of emergency managers, Emanuel says. If you’re told to get out, get out-don’t mess around.
It’s complicated, but there’s reason to think that a changing climate will have at least some impact on hurricane season activity.
That said, in coming decades, predictions based on warming suggest that average-intensity tropical cyclones-Atlantic hurricanes included-will likely get more intense.
Emanuel and the report both say that on average, individual hurricanes will drop more precipitation in the future, since warmer air can hold more water vapor.
Future storm surges may also worsen, says Emanuel-partly because the intense hurricanes that cause them will be more numerous, and partly because of sea level rise.
Don’t forget the helpful information found here as to why there are so many hurricanes occurring this year. 1) Atmospheric conditions were hurricane-friendly, and surface sea temperatures were warmer than usual; and 2) the Climate Prediction Center says that multiple conditions, such as a strong west African monsoon, have aligned to make the Caribbean Sea and part of the tropical Atlantic-a storm-spawning area.
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